Boeing BBJ 787 VIP private jet interior photos – Australian Business Traveller

Boeing BBJ 787 VIP private jet interior photos – Australian Business Traveller

Why settle for a pint-sized private jet when you can have one of the world’s most advanced commercial jetliners parked in your hangar?

That’s clearly the philosophy of one very well-heeled flyer who has bought a Boeing 787 as his (or her) private jet.

t’s a bespoke version of the Dreamliner from the Boeing Business Jet unit, hence the official ‘BBJ 787’ moniker – and it’s been individually styled from tip to tail to the modest tastes of its new owner.

So how did Boeing’s most advanced commercial jet go from this…

… to this..?

“With this BBJ 787 we are launching corporate aviation into a new era of luxury, technology and style”, says Stephen Vella, CEO of Kestrel Aviation Management, which transformed the bare-bones Boeing 787 into a plush private jet.

Kestrel spruiks the bespoke Dreamliner as creating a new era in long-range corporate and ‘VVIP’ aircraft which can fly non-stop between any two points on the globe “with a nominal payload of 40 passengers plus a generous baggage allowance.”

And if you’re facing what could be a 17 hour flight, this is the plane to do it in.

Almost twice as long as the typical Boeing corporate jet, and with three times the floorspace, the Dreamliner’s customised interior was styled by Paris-based Pierrejean Design Studios, which has previously worked with large corporate aircraft as well as luxury yachts.

Passengers board the plane and walk through a short hallway with a ‘wave’ concept…

… which opens into the main lounge.

This is set up for casual meetings, entertaining guests, dining or relaxing, with a mix of daybeds, divans, single seats and extending tables.

What you won’t find are conventional control switches: everything from entertainment and lighting to flight attendant requests are driven through touch-screen tablets peppered throughout the cabin.

The bathrooms are pretty fancy, too.

A circular ‘VIP lavatory’ divides the main lounge and an aft cabin set aside “for guests, staff or traveling companions.” This area includes 18 lie-flat seats plus 6 recliners.

Of course, you’d rather be at the other end of the Boeing 787, where the sound-proofed ‘master suite’ boasts a California king bed…

… while behind that, the bathroom boasts an oversized two-person shower and heated floors.

So how much would all this set you back?

The list price of a Boeing 787 begins at US$225 million (A$300 million). As for the bespoke fitout… if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”


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