Welcome to my blog.  I will be posting information about topics that catch my attention.  (Un)Fortunately this covers a lot of subjects.  We will see how this progresses.

This is an early effort so it will be under construction for some time. There are actually several blogs that are interconnected.

I intend to categorize each blog entry to make it easier to find articles on particular subjects.  The drop down menu will allow you to search by category.  There is also a search box if there is a particular article you are trying to find.  Since WordPress does NOT index titles I will repeat the titles in the body.

You can subscribe to the blogs by supplying an email address.  You will be notified of any new posts.  The frequency of notices can be set between Immediate, Daily, Weekly, and Never (i.e. cancel your subscription). There are also links for RSS feeds for the posts and comments.

The reason for several interlocking blogs instead of one is that I have not found a way to subscribe to just a category.  By having the specialized categories as separate blogs people only interested in those categories will not have to wade through less relevant stuff. The down side is that if you want to get it all you will need to subscribe to each different blog.  Presently only the Jewish/Israeli category is in a separate blog.

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